Upstairs Amy

Upstairs Amy is a modern comedy about millennial parents and the gap between who they are and who they want to be.

Amy Zhang’s life is upended when the condo she shares with her husband Dean and their toddler is flooded, so they move several floors up in the same building – and meet their glamorous-but mysterious new neighbour, Kaavya, who has all the confidence and ‘spark’ Amy wants for herself. Amy enlists her best friend Veronica to help her sleuth out Kaavya’s story and chronicles it all in YouTube videos about their adventures – interspersed with her comedic takes on love, career, and parenting. In this irreverent, quirky series, Amy uncovers the mystery of Kaavya – and finds out if she can become the true ‘Upstairs Amy’.

20 episodes x four-minute comedy web series

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