Slasher is an anthology psychological thriller series created by Aaron Martin. Each season follows a new story arc, characters, and setting. The first season followed The Executioner’s brutal sin-based killing spree in a small town.

Season 2 takes place in the remote Canadian winter wilderness, the story revolves around a group of former summer camp counsellors who are forced to return to an isolated campground to retrieve evidence of a crime they committed in their youth. Before long the group, and the camp’s latest inhabitants, members of a spiritual retreat with their own secrets to hide, find themselves targeted by someone out for horrific revenge.

Season 3 is set over a 24-hour period on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. When a young man is brutally killed in front of his apartment building, he is surrounded by witnesses who do nothing to help. One year later, terror strikes the apartment complex once again when someone seemingly seeks bloody revenge on the neighbours and witnesses who did nothing during the murder.

2 Seasons: 16 episodes x one-hour psychological thriller

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addikTV (French Canada, as “Slasher: Le bourreau” and “Slasher: Les coupables”)

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